Got A Little Carried Away

Blue Heeler Puppies remind me of my childhood and my uncle who had Blue Heelers on his ranch :): Animals, Australian Cattle, So Cute, Puppys, Cattledog, Puppy, Blue Heeler, Baby, Cattle Dogs

Notice There Isn’t A Single Person Sitting Around Him

The Faces Behind The Most Popular Disney Characters

Blue Heeler Puppies:): Cattledogs Blue Heelers, Heeler Puppies, Heeler Puppy, Puppys, Adorable, Cattle Dogs, Baby, Animal

Reminds me of my childhood. We stayed on the family farm sometime where peacocks ran wild. Such beautiful birds. Grandma always made neat crafts with feathers they'd leave around the place.: Angelina Vick, Beautiful Birds, Birds Peacocks, Peacock,

Blue Heeler puppies!: Blue Heeler Puppies, Blue Heeler Puppy, Blue Healers, Blue Heelers Puppy, Cattledogs, Blueheelers, Animal, Blue Dog

Just Another Day

Standing In Line

blue heeler pup!!