Jehovah God knows a thing or a billion things about color blending, don't you agree?: Beautiful Butterflies, Butterfly Mariposas, Butterfly Moth, Magic Wings

Sad and profound

"A kitten is in the animal world what a rosebud is in the garden." --Robert Southey: Kitty Cats, Cat Face, Beautiful Cats, Cat Eyes, Pretty Cat, Beautiful Eyes, Blue Eyes, Cat S Eyes, Animals Cats


Finally Found These Guys

When You See it: Post Apparently kitty does.: Cats, Scary, Stuff, When You See It, Random, Cat Sees, Animal

Street Artwork That Blows Your Mind

Programming Is Just Like Writing

Habia un gallo que me despertaba a las 5 am.... HABIA!: Spanish Memes, Jokes, Funny, In Spanish, Humor, Laughter, Spanish Class, Spanish Joke

I Lost My Cat, Oh Wait