great hospital pic.. I never wanted an up close and personal pic of me right after giving birth...this is a great idea: Photo Ideas, Delivery Room, Newborn Photo, Picture Idea, Hospital Photo, Baby Photo, Hospital Picture

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"Purple Rose" by CarlaSophia | Redbubble: Lavender Rose, Color, Beautiful, Purple Passion, Flowers, Garden, Purple Roses, Purple Flower

So I went to a wedding yesterday.

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White carnation brooch by Michele della Valle, set with white diamonds in white gold and titanium. The lovely green stem is detailed in cabochon green tourmaline segments.

Unique Hand Crafted Pink Flamingo Bird on White Ornament - Florida Christmas Flamingo. $15.00, via Etsy.: Crafted Pink, Pink Flamingos, Flamingo Christmas, Fabulous Flamingos, Christmas Ornament

Tribal Turquoise Rocker Stack Tribal Turquoise Rocker Stack This stack features 7 handmade bracelets , made with love in sunny california, USA. Bracelets made of the finest quality gems. 18kt Gold plated charms and measure 6.5 - 7 inches. Friendship brace

Every Single Time a Dog Walks By