This is so absolutely true!!: Color Guard, Colorguard 3, Band Guard, Marching Band, Band Stuff, Band Geek, Band Nerd, Color Gaurd, Band Life

Anatomy of the Great Pyrenees- Daisy may only be half Pyrenees, but she has quite a bit of this anatomy. I love the handles and non-functioning listening devices!: Pyrenees Dogs Cats, Animals, Anatomy, Greatpyrenees, Great Pyrenees Dogs, Dogs Pets, Great

The Right Way Of Asking Someone Out

funny-gif-cat-jumps-bean-bag-chair - PBH2

Moon Moon Will Never Change

Superhero Hoodies, I Need All Of Them

1950's Vintage Party Dress

Can Only Fool Them For So Long

Have actually fell asleep and woken up like this with my BFF.: Friends, Girl, Lesbian Couples, Cuddling, Bed, Bff, Lesbians, Bestfriend

hahaha so true...: Sooo True, Freaking True, Soo True, Sotrue, My Life, Funny Stuff, Haha So True, Funny Mr Bean Quotes