18 GIFs to Make You Smile on This Monday

18 GIFs to Make You Smile on This Monday

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Clematis 'Frances Rives' - lovely blue and white flowers resembling Aquilegia/Columbine!: White Flowers, Blue Flowers, Flowers Plants, Beautiful Flowers, Clematis Francis, Frances Rives, Flowers Resembling, Blue And White

I Miss High School So Much

by sergey "my icecream ummmm" - via: valscrapbook:margadirube: h4ilstorm: - Imgend: Face, Bears, Play, Animal

For those extra few cm

A simple parody of the pictures girls take

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Britney Spears, në formë SEX-y: http://puhia.com/?nav=100,2=749 #‎portal‬ ‪#‎puhiacom‬ #lifestyle‬ #www #vip: Sexy, Britney Bitch, Bikinis, Celeb, Britneyspears, Work Bitch, Photo, Britney Spears

bonesy-dekay: outofthecavern: icaruses: airandangels: the best part for me is the utter shock of the server THIS CANNOT BE MERE ANARCHY IS LOOSED UPON THE WORLD This man is just like traumatized for life like- He has to go into counseling for this sh

Create your own doggie collage on a wall. This was easy and so much fun to do. I think my dogs are a little spoiled...: Idea, Pet, Mud Room, Doggie Collage, Dog Stuff, Animal