5 Dog Breeds That are easy to Train :_)

5 Dog Breeds That are easy to Train :_)

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Bali Mynah | Flickr - Photo Sharing!: Animals, Bali Mynah, Mynah Bird, Beautiful Birds, Beautifulbirds, Ave

A little Pudu Fawn. they get little horns and have scent glands on their heads when they get older, and I hear they love being petted when they get older + love rubbing the scent on you too, lol One way or the other they are a cute animal.: Babies, Baby

He’s Probably Going To Need More Than Ice For That Burn

How Things Will Be In The Future

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Funny and a little unsettling

Balearica regulorum / Grulla Coronada Cuelligrís / Grey Crowned Crane / Grue royale / Südafrikanischer Kronenkranich: Wild Animal, Animals Avian, Birds Ducks Chickens, Birds Fishes Animals Etc, Crane Birdsofprey, Birds Ducks 2

Bald eagles, Katmai, Alaska photo credit: John Hunter Hiding on a nearby cliff pays off with this a touching snapshot of a mother, feeding their chicks.: Babies, Animals, Mothers, Nature, Beautiful Birds, Bald Eagles, Photo

Sir Mittens