(9) Carmen Elena Ibarra / Pinterest

(9) Carmen Elena Ibarra / Pinterest

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~~Purple Magic ~ field of lupins, sunset, California by Willie Huang~~: Willie Huang, Color, Purple Magic, California, Beautiful Places, Beauty, Photo, Beautiful Nature

ok.. i really don't like anything about this outfit except that her legs will make anything look good. case in point.: Fashion, Style, Dream Closet, Clothes, Cute Outfits, Spring Summer, Summer Outfits, Lace Blazer, Lace Jacket

I want to do this to one of my dogs, too bad they are both long-haired and spotted differently.: Skeleton Dog, Dogs, Halloween Costumes, Pet, Dog Costumes, Halloweencostume, Costume Idea, Animal

Love this photo, it almost takes my breath away, it's wierd. We say that, "You are the colours you choose." I want to learn about Aura-Soma, a system of color and light therapy based on a variety of ancient wisdom traditions, as well as cur

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Nastya Kusakina - Added to Beauty Eternal - A collection of the most beautiful women on the internet.: Fashion, Faces, Girl, Nastya Sakina, Makeup, Beauty, Photo

Bethenny Frankel steps out in bright red shirt while cradling daughter Bryn | Mail Online

Pimped Their Pads Out