A few more views of the 1930 Henderson motorcycle. This thing is absolutely incredible.

A few more views of the 1930 Henderson motorcycle. This thing is absolutely incredible.

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WOVEN BACON BLANKET - An excellent topper for meatloaf or a lean pork tenderloin roast. SaiFou Image: Heart Attack, Bacon Cheese, Food, Bacon Bacon, Recipe For Success

No-Limit-Custom "Gallardo" V-Rod by NLCpix, via Flickr: Carsandmotorcycles Vehicles, Vrod, Motorbikes Dream Machines, Black And White, Cars Carsandmotorcycles, Motorbikes Custom, Custom Bike, Cars Bikes

Darth Vader mantis Yikes... wouldn't want to meet this one in an alley: Mantis Yikes, Black Mantis, Vader Mantis, Black And White, Camouflage Insect, Alley Camouflage, Camo Insect, Ebony Mantis, Praying Mantis

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The business end of a Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt's GAU-8 Avenger nose cannon. This baby spits out armor piercing depleted uranium tipped 30mm rounds at a rate of 3,900 rounds per minute. That's 65 rounds in a single second! If you'

"God made the cat to give Man the pleasure of caressing the tiger." --Victor Hugo: Bengal Cats, Animals, Kitten, Beautiful Cats, Pet, Kitty Kitty, Bengalcat, Feline

Barkley the Pom. Aye aye, captain!: Pomeranian S, Pom Poms, Animals, Black Pomeranian, Cats Dogs B W, Pelotillas Pomeranian, Photo, Pomeranian ️

The Walking Dead Season 5 memes are, as always, spot on (44 Photos)