A pack of adorable Westies ♥  I would love to look out the door and see this!!

A pack of adorable Westies ♥ I would love to look out the door and see this!!

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Jose Has No Chill

Agate after Shell Dakhla, Morocco Fossil shell from the Eocene replaced by translucent golden agate. This is a monster for the find which usually produces shells in the 2cm size range.: Remplacing Fossils, Geology Palentology Fossils, Rock Shells Gems,

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Japanese Koi Carps symbolize Goodluck, Longevity & Prosperity Lotus symbolize Purity, Birth and Reincarnation: Lotus, Animals, Koi Fish, Koi Ponds, Koifish, Water Garden, Flower, Water Lilies

Denver2010-23RhodochrositeQuartzEmmaMineMontana.: Rodocrosita Cuarzo, Rhodochrositequartz, Crystals Gemstones Etc, Magic Faraway, Crystals Minerals, Gemstones Minerals Cristals, Stones Gemstones Rockd

Tangled - Whoa...I dont remember seeing Go them sleeping in her room during that movie though......: Tangled Disney, Disney Tangled, Disney Stuff, Disney Movies, The Doors, Elsa S Parents, Tangled Rapunzel, Disney Pixar Dreamworks

Once We Love: 24 reasons husbands cant be trusted to do anything...

Never saw one this beautiful when its feathers aren't displayed and all fanned out. Gorgeous shot.: Animals, Peacocks, Nature, Color, Pretty Peacock, Beautiful Birds, Beautiful Peacock

Outfit! The Fashion: Gorgeous dress black fur Summer outfits Teen fashion Cute Dress! Clothes Casual Outift for • teens • movies • girls • women •. summer • fall • spring • winter • outfit ideas • dates • school • parties mint cute sexy ethnic skirt: Fash

What a difference posing makes! (see before and after shots above) Photog & cam tips: Posing Tips, Cam Tips, Bryce Atelier, Photography Tips, Photography Poses, Sue Bryce, Suebryce, Diff Posing