a puppy heart!: Sweet, Puppy Love, Heart Shape, Basset Hound, Valentine, Cute Dog

a puppy heart!: Sweet, Puppy Love, Heart Shape, Basset Hound, Valentine, Cute Dog

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Orange Calla Lilly, creeping jenny, coleus, and super bells: Garden Container, Creeping Jenny, Container Gardens, Coleus Planter, Gardens Gardening Planters, Planters Gardening, Container Gardening, Flower

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So many fond memories of this movie! It was always my favorite. :) By the way I just realized how funny that quote is!: Bad Boy, Disney Movies, Disneys Robin, Disney Robin Hoods, Quote, Robins, Robinhood, Favorite Movie, Reward Posters

BJ wrote: "One of the sweetest doggy pictures I have seen in a long time. Gentle, kind and caring. As the 'wee one' seems somewhat afraid. The older more experienced dog seems to know that a great deal of comfort is needed. Humans can learn a

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