Adorable swimsuit. Almost makes me want to wear a one-piece.

Adorable swimsuit. Almost makes me want to wear a one-piece.

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Poor Boring States

Love the quilted pattern, not a huge fan of the patent leather in terms of wear...also the id pocket looks weird...but this gets very close to what I would give up my current wallet for. Comme des Garçons Embossed Clover Continental Wallet available at #

Emo alpacas. if only I had seen these guys on the Inka Trail in Peru. MAN.: Farm, Flames, Hairstyles, Animals, Llama Haircuts, Funny, Alpacas, Hair Style

corgi with a bow tie: Corgis, Dogs, Bow Ties, Pet, Bowties, Corgi S, Bows, Adorable, Animal

You know that girl was saving the pop rocks for Jennifer Lawrence, probably the only person in hollywood who would get that excited about food.