AFX Super International (MG+)

AFX Super International (MG+)

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Backwards b "d" omg

People who nailed it in 2013 <> OMG some of these had me in tears!!!: 2013 Language, Amazon Reviews Funny, Textposts Memes Funny, Family Quotes Funny, Randomly Funny, So Funny, Family Guy Funny

i had a long day here to find out more Animals, Dogs, Golden Retrievers, Pet, Funny, Puppy, Friend

amazing photos around the world: Photos, Clouds, Aviation, Fly, Airplane, Aircraft, Private Jets, Planes, Photography

A modern bike with some grit - Ducati 1199 RS Panigale: Motorbikes Mylife, Cars Automobiles Motorcycles, Motorbikes Cafe, Cars Motorcycles, Cars Motorcycle Stuff, Bikes Motorcycles, Ducati Motorcycles, Cars Bikes, Ducati Motorbike

Photographer Captures Unexpected Proposal

Would love this in my office :: coral botanical prints | #vintage prints #collections: Botanical Seaweed, Inspiration, Vintage Botanical Prints, Art, Seaweed Prints, Coral Print, Seaweed Botanical

Without guilt, blame, or condemnation, take full responsibility for where you are now. Because the moment you do, is the moment you are empowered to move forward, creating the life you are here to live. ~Dean Jackson: White Lotus, Waterlilies, Beautiful

HAHA how girls pack by jenna marbles! (SUPER DUPER LONG PIN) However, as a girl who leaves for vacation this week... this is accurate.: Girls Packing Funny, Jenna Marbles Packing, How Girls Pack Funny, Jennamarbles, Funny Stuff, Jenna Marbles Quotes, Funn

Vermilion cardinal(photo by felixus) He seems to be very curious about having his photo taken.: Cardinalis Phoenicius, Louis Cardinal, Redbird, Beautiful Birds, Red Birds, Vermilion Cardinal, Animal, Cardinals