allen street neil by kate spade!!

allen street neil by kate spade!!

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This Is Just Heaven In A Cookie

Fossilized coral, from Indonesia. Cabochon cut by Sam Silverhawk Gems Minerals Fossils Etc, Gemstones Minerals, Bones Fossils, Crystals Stones Gems Minerals, Coral Gemstoneserendipity, Crystals Minerals, Designer Gemstones, C

Get some underwater plants from a pet store, some large inexpensive vases and voila, you have an adorable (low maintenance!) house plant. I really love this idea for a desk plant at work. For added fun, get a plant that will flower!: Water Plants, Idea,

Landing on a Carrier is not for the faint of heart! Thank you to all who serve in the U.S. Navy.: Carrier Landing, Airplanes, Pictures, Desks, Navy, Air Planes, War, F35, Aircraft Carriers

.My Mom died three years ago today..5-12-12...she was 68..I was holding her hand when she passed..I miss you so much mom and love you!!!❤❤❤: Beautiful Butterflies, Butterflies, Photo, Flower, Animal

here is a hedgehog sticking out his tongue, just for you.: Hedge Hog, Cuteness, Animals, Pets, Hedgie, Baby Hedgehogs, Adorable, Funny Animal, Hedghog

Northern Pygmy Owl: Animals, Nature, Pygmy Owl, Photo, Birds, Owls, Northern Pygmy

Very explanatory chart. I really think we, western people, tend to devalue the importance of balance. More specifically, the balancing of the chakras and the impact they have on the way we feel physically,emotionally,spirtually.: Meditation Chakras More,

Red Poppies // Gertrude Hamilton: Gertrude Hamilton, Tiger Power, Red Poppies