amazingly perfect

amazingly perfect

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I LOVE donkies! I'd love to have one someday. Fact: Donkies are great to have on farms because they will keep coyotes away :)

I know this is my puppies board but if I ever got a cat, it would be one of these cats ;): Cats, Animals, Kitten, So Cute, Pet, Exotic Shorthair, Kitty, Eye

I LOL every time!: Cats, Funny Animals, Cat Face, Totoro Pillow, Pet, Funny Stuff, Dog, Fruit Helmets

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Guianian Cock of the Rock Wild About Birds Nature Center in Layton, Utah sells everything to do with your #BackyardBirds and also offer tours on the Deseret Ranch, which is home to over 100 species of #birds! For more information, go to http://wildaboutbi

Great Pyrenees Socks: Highland, Fashion Fantastic, Gross Things, Fav Dogs, Of The, Pyrenees Socks, Awkward Gross, Funny Awkward

Goldfinch, Cardinal pair, Oriole, Eastern Bluebird.

Golden Retriever Puppy on Bench

Glam Maxi Dress: Illusion Dress, Dress Wedding, Long Dresse, Optical Illusion