awesome save haha

awesome save haha

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Band Bikini with Polka Dot Bows: Bob S Board, Polka Dots, Pretty Woman, Hot Girls, Band Bikini

Mil Mi-24V - Czech Air Force (CZAF; Vzdušné síly Armády České republiky): Jets Helicopters, Www Russianhelicopters Aero, Air Force, Vehicle, Photo

I guess this is the worst one oh well back to whatever I was doing…: Signs Kiss, First Kiss, Starsigns, Scorpio And Capricorn, Funny Zodiac Signs, Aquarius, 12 Signs, Pisces And Virgo, 12Signs

Oh, you fancy, huh? There’s no need to play it safe with this style. | Community Post: 21 Reasons Ponytails Are The Best Hairstyle Ever Invented: Pony Tail, Hairstyles, Hair Styles, Hairdos, Hair Do, Cute Ponytail, Updo

Homer being sweet

Lonesome George (Galapagos Tortoise) - the sole surviving member of his species who were hunted to near extinction - has died today (June 25th, 2012). He was estimated to be around 100 years old. How profoundly sad to witness the extinction of one of the

Everything and everyone // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures: Cats, Animals, Funny Pics, Funny Pictures, Funnypictures, My Life, Funny Quotes

I’d Buy Pizza

If only I could find a realistic way to curl my hair, it would look like this every day: Hairstyles, Hair Styles, Blonde Hair, Makeup, Long Hair, Longhair, Beautiful Hair, Beauty

Omg how cute is this ........adorable...: Cats, Adorable Animals, Funny, Kittens, Kitty, Cat Lady