Aww, too cute!: Animals, Dogs, Bed, Pets, Funny, Irish Wolfhound, Funnie

Aww, too cute!: Animals, Dogs, Bed, Pets, Funny, Irish Wolfhound, Funnie

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Get a longer skirt!

Blake Lively makes sparkle subtle with a cardi and nude pumps: Holiday, Party Outfit, Fashion, Style, Blake Lively, Dress, Pencil Skirts, Blakelively

I cant even. #english #bulldog #englishbulldog #bulldogs #breed #dogs #pets #animals #dog #canine #pooch #bully #doggy #cute #sweet #puppy #puppies #bullies: Animals, Puppies, Dogs, So Cute, Pet, Puppys, Adorable, Baby

Well Played, Ma’am

Meekakitty ftw. :D My hero for this, among other reasons.: Giggle, Funny Text Wrong Number, Accidentally Texts, Funny Texts Wrong Number, Text Messages, So Funny, Wrong Number Texts

Sweet Potato Banana Dog Biscuits | Sweet Potato Dog Treat, Dogs, Potato Banana, Pet, Banana Sweet Potato, Dog Biscuits Recipes, Bananas, Banana Dog Treat Recipe, Dog Treats

Sometimes you have to get crazy with your patterns and take that risk. Take that risk and strut your style like this gorgeous gal. She's topping off the lazy yet sexy look with the "bed head" look. yaaaaaaaas: Flare Pants, Dope Outfits, Palazz

Wisteria (Fabaceae).: Japan, Nature, Beautiful, Gardens, Pink, Places, Flowers, Photo, Purple Wisteria

Great Dane puppy. Kind of looks like it's chimera: Dane Puppies, Great Dane Mix, Great Danes, Great Dane Puppy, Beautiful Mutt, Neopolitan Mastiff Dog, Cane Corso Mastiff, Beautiful Dogs, Animal

How to make a thumb-controlled watering pot. I already have a milk jug watering can, but I might try this when that one inevitably breaks.: Plastic Bottle, Idea, Thumb Controlled Watering, Recycled Materials, Watering Cans, Gardening, Thumb Pot, Recycled