awwwwww: Dog Baby, A Kiss, Best Friends, Puppy Love, Funny Stuff, Bestfriend, Cute Dog, Kid

awwwwww: Dog Baby, A Kiss, Best Friends, Puppy Love, Funny Stuff, Bestfriend, Cute Dog, Kid

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Blue Lace Agate Geode. Geodes are my favorite thing to find. I don't care if I find a crappy gypsum geode in some red wacke, I just love finding them.: Crystals Gems, Gems Minerals, Nature, Rocks Minerals, Crystals Minerals, Blue Lace Agate, Agates

This could possibly be Schyler's hair color as she grows?!?! ❤️: Fashion, Girl, Cute Kids, Christmas Sweaters, Children, Baby, Hair Color, Mini

Gatherings by Alena Shevtsova - unbelievably cute!: Animals, Nature, Butterflies, Bugs, Creature, Insects, Photo, Dragonflies

LOVE THIS! Aquamarine engagement ring, white gold, filigree ring, blue engagement, solitaire, vintage style, lace ring, birthstone. $1,589.00, via Etsy.: Aquamarine Engagement Rings, Gold Filigree, Aquamarine Rings, Filigree Ring, White Gold, Aquamarine,

Custom bikes from past and present. Two favorites: The custom WW2 bike with the fat back tire... and of course the motorcycle from Akira.: Motorcycles Bikes, Concept Bikes, Motorcycles Madness, Magnificent Motorcycles, Random Motorcycles, Cars Motorcycles

Energy Vibrations of Zodiac Signs. (As a Cancer with Aquarius as my rising sign all I have to say is.......crap, figures I get the maelstrom. It doesn't help I have my moon sign in Libra): Energy Vibrations, Zodiac Signs, Moon Signs, Books, Gemini, Qu

(GIF--click it) Goat hiccup. OMG! This is the most adorable (and attractive for that matter 'cuz let's be honest: hiccups are not attractive) hiccup I have ever seen!

Introvert Problems - I do this all the time... Being a socially awkward introvert is difficult and confusing.: Introvert Problems, Introvertproblems, Truth, Introvert Quotes, Thought, Socially Awkward Quotes, Introverts Problems, Confused Feelings Quotes,

Funny Pictures & Funny Quotes @ #Humor: Test, Random, Funny Stuff, Humor, Funnies, Things, Kids, Creativity

look at those big eyes and whiskers. melt your heart, this little guy will.: Seals, Babies, Wild Animals, Sea Lion, Baby Animals, Cute Babies, Baby Seal