batcat: Batcat, Cats, Animals, Vampire, Bats, Kitty, Black Cat, Halloween

batcat: Batcat, Cats, Animals, Vampire, Bats, Kitty, Black Cat, Halloween

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Small organisms, like insects, have problems with sound short circuiting, where the insect's body is smaller than the wavelength of sound they emit, so no sound is spread outwards. In order to make a sound with a shorter wavelength, insects need what

Built-in dog kennel. This is the greatest idea ever. Just have to wait until we move into a place where we can do whatever we want: Doggie Door, Dogs, House Ideas, Built Ins, Dog Crates, Chalkboard, Dog Kennels, Built In Dog Crate

"There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved" ~ George Sand • photo: il piccolo istrione on Facebook: Blackandwhite, Animals, Window, Black And White, White Cats, Black White, Kitty, Black Cat, Friend

These Three Feel So Fabulous!

BC Jean is stunning with her trendy layered bob. It seems we keep seeing her switching hairdo's up at every event she attends. This cool "punkish" style suits her to perfection and is a great look for ladies who don't' want to go too s

The Only Thing He Saw Is Darkness

Pin Up Makeup: Make Up, Perfect Flick, Beauty Tips, Eye Makeup, Eyeliner, Style, Cat Eyes, Tutorial, Hair

I Think I’ve Found The Problem

Black Lab Retriever Puppy : This puppy reminds me of my child hood dog, "Blacky" who was also my guardian angel. I miss him. :9: Blacklab, Animals, Dogs, Black Lab Puppies, Baby, Friend, Black Labs, Black Labrador

Macro Photography of Insects: Macro Nature Photography, Beautiful Animals Photography, Animal Photography, Macro Photography Animals, Nature Macro Photography, Macro Photography Nature, Macro Photography Insects, Dragonfly, Dragonflies