Bears - that baby!!!

Bears - that baby!!!

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: Baby Chihuahua, Animal Cruelty, Sad Stuff, Animal Abuse, Awww Poor, Repost If You Have A Heart, Abandoned Dog, I Care, Dogs ️

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Starling Murmurations, by Alain Delorme, 2013. This image is apparently a sculpture piece (what?) but the videos of murmurations in this link are amazing.: Plastic Bags, Nature, Starling Murmuration, Art, Birds, Photography, Animal

Let me Take a selfie

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Psalm 150:6: Animals, Wild Life, Google, Prayer Request, Wildlife

Les boxers sont des chiens vraiment horribles ! Ces 18 photos vous le prouveront !: Boxer Dogs, Animals, Boxers Dogs, Bed, Pet, Puppy, Boxerdog, Eye

Corgis - Cutest stairway ever: Corgis, Corgi Steps, Animals, Dogs, Corgi Heaven, Corgi Stairs, Funny Corgi, Stairways

Legendary Leo’s speech at the Golden Globe Awards

Leg day parking spots: Parking Spots, Fitness, Gym Humor, Funny, Funnies, Health, Workout, Legs Day