beautiful colors!!  ~Butterfly: Beautiful Butterflies, Jose Brener, Ladybugs, Birds

beautiful colors!! ~Butterfly: Beautiful Butterflies, Jose Brener, Ladybugs, Birds

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like using these butterflies for gift pack, bags & tags ..........Fantasy Pink: Butterflies Dragonflies, Pink Butterfly, Beautiful Butterflies, Color, Pretty Pink, Flutterby

Frog Princess print from an original acrylic illustration by Irene Owens: Illustrations, Flamingo Art, Flamingos, Frogs, Animal

Douglas AC-47 - Known as the Dakota, Gooney Bird, DC-3, C-47 Skytrain, and Puff the Magic Dragon.: Airplanes Post Wwii, Spooky Aircraft, Vietnam War, Douglas Aircraft, 2005 Posts, Piston Warplanes, Military Aircraft Equipment, Painting

Water Hyacinth: Floral Power, Flower Lotus, Water Hyacinth

The 'butterfly effect' has now been seen at the quantum level -- Millard H. Sharp / Science Photo Library: Beautiful Butterflies, Beautiful Blue, Blue Butterfly, Purple Butterfly, Nature News, Butterfly Effect

Leaves Engagement Ring No.4 - 18K White Gold and Diamond engagement ring by Doron Merav: Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Ring, Engagementring, Art Nouveau, Leaves Engagement, Leaf Ring, Leaf Engagement Ring

BF's new Kitten sleeps with her paws underneath her head: Cats, Sweet, Cat Nap, Baby, Kittens, Kitten Sleeps, Animal

A Professional English Man At His Finest

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I do not care on the style of ring it is. But this is the color blue I want for my engagement ring. I'm not a fan of the plain white ones.: Diamond Engagement Rings, Blue Round, Round Diamonds, White Gold, 18K White, Bridal Sets