because who doesn't want to be a mermaid: Mermaid Top, Bathing Suits, Bikinis

because who doesn't want to be a mermaid: Mermaid Top, Bathing Suits, Bikinis

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Just royalty things…: Funny Pics, Prince, Funny Pictures, Royal Family, Sibling, Funny Stuff, Brother, The Royals

These posts are freakishly accurate... Oh my gosh the one with the tights though XD: Funny Period Posts, Funny Tumblr Posts Period, Tumblr Period, Crush Humor, Tumblr Posts Periods, Funny Tumbler Posts, Relateable Posts Crushes, Periods Humor Tumblr, Funn

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Australian Opal: C G Opals Girasolopalite, Earth Opals, Beautiful, Gems Stones Rocks Minerals, Opals Stones Rocks, Gemstones Minerals Opals, Opals Rocks Stone, Gems Rocks Crystals

Why Aliens Avoid Us

1955 ... Boeing B-52 'Stratofortress' #cutaway: Photos, 1955, Photo Sharing, X Rays, Aircraft Cutaways, Aerospace Cutaways, Aircarft Cutaways, B 52 Stratofortress

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I want to be a jet pilot! ...says C at age 5 (2013): Military Aircraft, Air Force, Cars Airplanes, Amazing Airplanes, Aircraft, F22, Planes Aircraft, Fighter Jets, Air Planes

These amazing drawings are the work of New York based artist Aurel Schmidt. They are part of a series titled, Reveries Of A Lost Life Mask in which she pairs images with the poetry of American poet Franz Wright. I love their simplicity… so beautiful, yet