BMW-R1200R-by-Lazareth-02.jpg 1,400×1,113 pixels

BMW-R1200R-by-Lazareth-02.jpg 1,400×1,113 pixels

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It is so important to have a certified diamond and to understand the reason why one diamond laboratory may grade differently than another. We've written a go-to guide to diamond certifications so that you know exactly which type of certification works

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It Doesn’t Mean Anything

It doesn't fit, idiot - That moment when when an otter resembles Sherlock - bored and irritated. GIF

...It contained about a thousand fish of different species and the aquarium was approximately 50 metres long. The water was taken from the sea in a continuous cycle: Dream Aquarium, Awesome Aquarium, Aquarium Fence, Fish Tanks, Dream House, Fishtanks, Aqu

Boeing’s planes in numerical order. From left to right: 777, 767, 757, 747, 737, 727, 717, 707.: Airplane, Boeing, Photo

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Solar-powered planes | Fitted with newer high efficiency solar cells and other improvements ...: Helios Solar, Solar Powered Plane, Solar Airplanes, Solar Panels, Nasa S Helios, Powered Aircraft, Solar Energy

To the Romans, the calla lily was symbolic of lust and sexuality, whereas the flower resonated with the Greeks to mean "magnificent beauty": Photos, Favorite Flowers, Lilies Black And White, Calla Lilies, Lilies Beautiful Flowers, Flowers Lilies,

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