boston Christmas

boston Christmas

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Japanese White Eye. How beautiful is this photo? the colour and composition is superb!: Japanese White Eye, Animals, Nature, Poultry, White Eyes, Beautiful Birds, Photo

Single Droplet On Moss by Jack Hood, via Flickr: Macro, Water Drops, Nature, Waterdrop, Dew Drops, Dewdrop, Photo, Water Droplets, Rain Drop

This Is By Far The Coolest Jacket Ever

Tangled - Whoa...I dont remember seeing Go them sleeping in her room during that movie though......: Tangled Disney, Disney Tangled, Disney Stuff, Disney Movies, The Doors, Elsa S Parents, Tangled Rapunzel, Disney Pixar Dreamworks

The First Amendment

I Was A Poor Child

this is the best gif i have ever seen

A perfect paradise

As if a one-headed poisonous snake wasn't scary enough: Conjoined twins snake king cobra. This snake was found at a temple in Karnataka. Looks like a creature from mythology .This condition, in which animals or humans, have more than one head called p

This just makes me laugh so hard: Cats, Darth Vader, Animals, Funny, Star Wars, Funnies, Things, Starwars