♥♥♥♥: Bowl, Animals, French Bulldogs, Pet, Bucket, Puppys, Baby

♥♥♥♥: Bowl, Animals, French Bulldogs, Pet, Bucket, Puppys, Baby

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Where Do You Work Out?

I'm a huge fan of all of the glam glow products but I am especially thrilled with this mask. It is so unique! If there were ever a mask that was an absolute necessity, this is it! It gives the satisfaction of a mud mask with the detoxifying and exfoli

it wasn't that funny at the top, it was just a little freaky, but by the time i got to the bottom, I was laughing so hard I was going to die from oxygen deprevation.: Look Alike, Celebrity, Giggle, Funny Stuff, Funnies

Chynna Dolls Fringe Triangle Top Bikini in Black

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Black Widows… Oh my Lord this took me about 10 minutes to realize what it meant. Hahaha fail XD: Black Widow, Taylor Swift, Taylorswift, Giggle, Against, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Humor

"Earthing" is something we all need to do more often to "ground" us all !!! (i love my earthly feet: Life, Inspiration, Stuff, Things, Mother Earth, Walk, Fairytale, Barefoot

Bulbophyllum medusae, Sarawak, Malaysia. This orchid is named for the resemblance of its flowers to the serpentine hair of the mythical Greek creature. A single inflorescence, which lasts only a few days, is composed of 30-100 tiny flowers each with long

Bulldog: Face, Animals, Sweet, Bulldog Puppies, English Bulldogs, Pets

I'm single now, but if I ever get a lady back in my life, this ring above the others please.: Men'S Wedding Band, Unique Mens Wedding Bands, Men Wedding Bands, Jewelry, Wedding Rings, Men S Band, Men Rings