Butch Ramirez - Green Jay

Butch Ramirez - Green Jay

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Hey. I'm Alaska... 17 years old. I was accepted to this school for dancing, art and singing. I spend a lot of time practicing my dancing or sitting alone sketching. I am from London and I have lived there my whole life.: Fashion, Hairstyles, Inspirati

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Crystal Guidance: Crystal Tips and Prescriptions - Angelic Communication. Top Recommended Crystals: Angelite, Celestite, Danburite, Selenite, or Seraphinite. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Morganite or Muscovite. Angelic communication is associated

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Random acts of kindness/courage : Faith in Humanity restored...Humanity isn't all lost in this world. In this world, where people don't have enough time to take a look at other people's sorrows and thinks best to just let it pass, where greed

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"If you pick up a baby sea turtle after it is hatched and place it in the ocean, it dies. The only way for it to survive is to make the journey by itself building lung capacity and muscles and surviving numerous dangers. He must endure his chosen hard