Camera Ornament + Florabella Actions Giveaway!

Camera Ornament + Florabella Actions Giveaway!

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✯ Weathered Rock Formations - East Zion, Utah: Formations Zion, Zion National Park, Rock Formations, East Zion, National Parks, National Park Utah, Rocks Minerals Formations, ภเГคК ค๓

"They don't know I'm up here, so don't tell!" #kittens #pets Kitty Cat, Black Kitty, Black Cats, Fluffy Black Cat, Black Kittie, Black Kittens, Blackcats, Fluffy Black Kitten, Animal

Best description of a period ever — I laughed so, so hard: Giggle, Stuff, Truth, Funny, Period Humor, Funnie

This dog rocks!: Animals, Awesome Dog, Amazing Dogs, Pet, Service Dogs, Friend

Giant Schnauzer || Tallest of the three Schnauzers, the Giant is a good-looking bearded dog that is thought to have originated in Bavaria near Munich, where it was called the Munchener. || Use today: Watchdog, herding || Life Span: 12-15 yrs || Color: Bl

Starting from the front of the bike, Hidemo fitted a cropped front fender and classic Firestone rubber, they added custom grips, drop mirrors, and blinkers, added a beautiful, understated paint job to the tank, they also added a custom air-filter cover, s

::There was a dog like this that would meet me & some other kids on the playground at recess in grade school. A very good memory. ~A: Big Guy, Sheep Dogs, Old English Sheepdog, Little Mermaid, The Beach, Man

Daschunds and friend: Doggie, Kiss, Weenie Dogs, Dachshund, Doxie, Wiener Dogs, Hair, Friend, Animal

A duck-billed protective muzzle for dogs. May as well look hysterical if you can't play nice in the park. Also stops them from eating unsanctioned foods off the floor.: Dogs, Duck Muzzle, Pet, Duck Billed Protective, Play Nice, Protective Muzzle, Anim

Can you see Clint taking off running full-tilt with Thor yelling a battle cry, and Bruce just standing by the cereal, completely unfazed, with a little smile on his face.: Avengers Headcanon, Thor Poptarts, Avengers Assemble, Marvel Avengers, Bit Bruised,