Cardigan and maxi

Cardigan and maxi

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How To Prevent And Remove Them

seen those ridiculously expensive blanket scarves in online boutiques? Cheap, yet ADORABLE DIY version--go to fabric store, find flannel fabric of your choice, purchase 1-2 yards...cut it in a square shape... fray it... wear it... I guarantee it will be l

Haha! Not necessarily true but it is funny. Its important to track how many calories you intake because too much can turn into fat.: Fitness, Protein, Bodybuilding, Motivation, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gym, Health

This looks like a sunny, happy, nappy place. :-): American Puppy, Favorite Things, Golden Retrievers, Yellow Labs, American Flag, 4Th Of July, Furry Friends

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This looks like the beagle That had. I will never forget her, for she is in a better place. Beagles are the best dog a person will have. They will always forgive you, even if you have done something terrible to them. And they will always be there with you

Black and purple butterfly on mums - by Garry Gay: Beautiful Butterflies, Butterfly, Purple Butterfly, Flutterby, Flowers, Animal