Cats are great

Cats are great

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This Is How You Know If She Likes You

this is so unique. i don't know if i'd want it as an engagement ring (it is slightly too much metal for my liking) but as a promise ring this is lovely: Wedding Ring, Engagementring, Style, Wedding Ideas, Weddings, Jewelry, Engagement Rings

Sh*t just got real

I Won’t Forget You

Putting a giant bell, sunglasses and cabbage on the head of a cat is SUCH a good idea! Obviously the person who owns this cat now always sleeps with one eye open.: Cool Cats, Hats, Animals, Cabbage, Funny Cat, Pets, Kitty

Craft Da Police

This Show Was Way Too Real Sometimes

I salute those who are in the FriendZon

Birds of North Carolina - cardinals, goldfinch, bluebird, tufted titmouse, chickadee: Animals, Nature, Color, Art, Beautiful Birds, Beauty, Painting

Game of Thrones Cosplay