Cats are weirdos

Cats are weirdos

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Better have burn heal!

Quite possibly the most beautiful aircraft ever built; The Supermarine Spitfire.: Ww2 Planes, Military Aircraft, Wwii Planes, Airplane, Aircraft, Beautiful Aircraft, Ww2 Aircraft, Supermarine Spitfire

3 Piece Floral Lace And Lamé Set from $28.40 #lingerie #sexylingerie #lame #lace #seventilmidnight: Sling, Lace Bra, Tiffany Toth, Sexy Lingerie, Push Up, Floral Lace, Black

This Car Crash Is A Better Artist Than Me

A Moment In Time by John Kolenberg: Animals, Humming Birds, Nature, Color, John Kolenberg, Sunflowers, Beautiful, Photo, Hummingbirds


Trampoline Tattoo

If you see your cat or dog do this, it's not trying to be cute or funny. This is called "head pressing" and is usually a sign of a critical medical condition. #pets: Funny Puppy, Medical Condition, Critical Medical, Animal Face, Funny Pet

New - White Peacock II - Original and prints available in several sizes from Mai Autumn: Peacocks, Acrylic Paintings, May Autumn, Bird Art, White Peacock

Celebs as kids