Causally Cool. Top: Skirt: Jacket: Shoes:

Causally Cool. Top: Skirt: Jacket: Shoes:

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It is impossible to look at this and not have a good day :-): Animals, So Cute, Happy, Funny, Adorable, Things, Smile, Photo, Flower

For perfectly tousled waves, curl your hair with a wand before bed. When you wake up you’ll have amazing bedhead and perfect, loose waves.: Pony Tail, Hairstyles, Hair Styles, Makeup, Side Ponytail, Hair Bows, Clothes Line | 14/52 - Blinkers | As with every shoot, there was a compulsory blinking picture in there. Strobist: 1 x Sony Flashgun to camera left on 1/4 power shoot-through umbrella: Boxers My, Adorable Dogs, Boxer Dogs, Puppies Dogs, Adora

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The Force

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A perfect review of a Chris Brown album