Chane Couture ring.: Coco Chanel, Chanel Couture, Diamond, Rings, Jewelry

Chane Couture ring.: Coco Chanel, Chanel Couture, Diamond, Rings, Jewelry

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Paws the Work Week for These 18 Cute Kitty animated GIFs

**“Red-Tailed Hawk” #birds #bird: Hawks, Red Tailed Hawk, Tail Hawk, Raptor, Birds, Animal

Maltipoo! ITS SO FLUFFY IM GOING TO DIE!! Reminds me of a tiny goldendoodle.: Maltipoo Dogs, Cuteness, Going, Maltipoos, Maltipoo Puppy, Maltipoo Puppies, Friend, Tiny Goldendoodle, Animal

This photo reminds me of a saying.......without change, there would be no Butterflies.........;): Beautiful Butterflies, Amazing, Butterfly, Nature, Beauty, White Butterflies, Photo, Beautiful Creatures, Animal

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In west Philadelphia born and raised on the play ground where I spent most of my days chilling out maxing relaxing all cool and shooting some bball outside of school when a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood. I

Crystals for Heartache (Broken Heart) — Work on healing a broken heart with Chrysoprase, Chrysocolla, Rhodonite, or Rose Quartz. Carry or hold as needed. Also meditate with your preferred crystal. Release the past and look towards the future. You are wort

Baby owls Linford and Christie spend some quality time with caregiver Jimmy Robinson. (Photo courtesy of Owls Linford, Babies, Animals, New Homes, Baby Owls, Orphaned Baby, Burrowing Owls, Photo, Owls Find

everyone look at this website. I dare you not to laugh. I am laughing so hard at work right now shhh. haha

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