DIREWOLF: Animals, Stuff, Pet, Malamute, Funny, Bigdog, Big Dogs

DIREWOLF: Animals, Stuff, Pet, Malamute, Funny, Bigdog, Big Dogs

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Grass too long?

Ironically I was listening to the usher song daddy home when I read this....: Thewalkingdead 3, Daryl Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon, Walking Dead Funny, The Walking Dead, Dixon Memes, Homes, Twd Memes

I can't stop laughing. I just keep looking and keep dying every time. His feet are fluffy under the water and the look on his face!!!!: Funny Animals, Dogs, Funny Pictures, Bathtime, Poor Baby, Bath Time

Looks like something my dad would do...: Funny Dad, Wonderfully Funny, Giggle, Happy Thanksgiving, Lakes Butter, Dads Teach, Funny Stuff, Can'T Stop Laughing

Airmen from the 23rd Special Tactics Squadron at Hurlburt Field, Fla., jump out of an MH-47 Chinook helicopter April 9 at Wynnehaven Beach, Fla.: 23Rd Special, Wynnehaven Beach, Air Force, Tactics Squadron, Christopher Callaway, Mh 47 Chinook, Photo

No, It’s Not A Yamaha

Amazingness!!: Life, Mothers, Stuff, Quotes, Random, Things, Baby, Mom

Wonder if these can be made with cement and lace fabric doilies, dries over plastic bowl: Concrete Projects, Idea, Lace Doilies, Lace Bowls, Art, Cement Hypertufa, Hypertufa Concrete, Lace Fabric

"king bird of paradise (This looks like it has a butterfly sitting on it). (photo via cinda.hubpages)": Exotic Birds, Poultry, Beautiful Birds, Bird Of Paradise, Animal

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