Dog Menagerie Westie

Dog Menagerie Westie

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BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA I just laughed for about 5 min straight. Mine, @Olivia Johnson, and @Hillary Johnson's lives^^^^^: Foreveralone, Guy, My Life, Dtrix, Humor, So Funny, Mylife, Forever Alone

The Flying Handkerchief, Mocker Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio dardanus) male

Dachshund Train ristie G. from Bakersfield, California sent in this photo of her two dachshunds. This is proof that chasing your tail isn’t nearly as fun as chasing someone else’s.: Funny Animals, Daschund, Weenie Dogs, Doxie S, Dachshund Train, Weiner Do

MARK SILVERSTEIN 18K YELLOW GOLD TURQUIOSE AND DIAMOND RING: Mark Silverstein, Diamond Rings, Silverstein 18K, Beautiful Rings, Yellow Gold Rings, Jewelry Rings

OMG - a double whammy heart clencher... but at least I can smile when I think of him nowdays :) Miss him something fierce!!: Daschund, Funny Dogs, Dachshund Edition, Doxies, Weiner Dogs, Wiener Dogs, Prison Break, Animal

I love that cat. I want that cat. I think I need that particular cat!!!!: Cats, Animals, Stuff, Funny Cat, Funny Picture, Funnies, Funny Animal, Kitty

This is worth a try on some signs I have been wanting to try.

Want this dress! Such a cute lil black dress. Sheinside: Black Halter Contrast Lace Backless Dress: Fancy Dress, Hoco Dress, Short Prom Dress, Black Lace Dress, Black Dress

The Greatest Ongoing Prank Between 2 Brothers…

Think You Are Having A Bad Day?