Dress, Pat Hartley, 1950's.  Very sharp

Dress, Pat Hartley, 1950's. Very sharp

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Azurite has a transformative quality that stimulates an increase in communication skills, intuition, creativity and inspiration.: Crystals, Gemstones, Nature, Gem Stones, Rocks Minerals, Azurite Blades, Beautiful, Blue Roses

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Cute ! Nail polish bites - marshmallows dipped in frosting and topped with a tootsie roll. Great for a girls glam party.: Spa Birthday Cake, Girly Birthday Cakes, Little Girl Birthday Cake, Nail Polish Cake, Pamper Party Cake, Marshmallow Nail Polish Trea

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aw; more babies of rare animals - I wonder if we can save some of these species this way?? Red-bellied short-necked turtle: Short Necked Turtle, Animals, Nature, Creatures, Baby Animal, Red Bellied Short Necked, Baby Turtles

How women see the world

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