Elie Saab Sleeveless Embellished Jumpsuit in Black

Elie Saab Sleeveless Embellished Jumpsuit in Black

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A little Pudu Fawn. they get little horns and have scent glands on their heads when they get older, and I hear they love being petted when they get older + love rubbing the scent on you too, lol One way or the other they are a cute animal.: Babies, Baby

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Modern disney princesses @millielilly this reminded me of your disney gone bad party!!!: Modern Princess, Bad Disney Princess, Hipster Princesses, Bad Princess Disney, Badass Princess, Modern Disney Princesses, Hipster Disney Princesses, Disney Princesses

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Tulip Airline Solitaire Engagement Ring

30 Day Bum Fitness Challenge Chart I could do this, but would it make my bum bigger or smaller? Hmm...: 30 Day Challenge, Squat Challenge, Bum Workout, Workout Challenge, Work Outs, Workouts, Exercise, Butt Workout, Fitness Challenges

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Shinya Kimura on his 1957 Triumph 650 custom – The Needle.: Rides Cars Motorcycles, Bikes Moto Motorcycles, Dream Cars Motorcycles, Custom Motorcycles, Custom Bike, Shinya Kimura, Cafe Racer

I remember the good times when Disney was not about dating and talking dogs.: Raven, Gravity Falls, Lgbt Disney, Disney Channel Funny, Disney Finally, Movies Tv M U S I C Books, Black Man S, Lgbt Couple, Films Tv Books Games