Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2015 via @stylelist | http://aol.it/1nSffuk

Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2015 via @stylelist | http://aol.it/1nSffuk

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Guthrie, Oklahoma, USA - This is the cover shot I took of Kelly and one of her horses jumping the creek. I really got something in the 2nd jump but I shot 9 total and most worked. I could not spend a lot of time due to needing to return to her ranch, put

Preorder the Natasha Zinko trunkshow at Moda Operandi: 2014 Trunkshow, Summer 2014, Cute Dresses, Spring Summer, Natasha Zinc, Striped Maxi Dresses, Zinko Spring

The Bronies List is Endless! Don't forget pony heist in the gravity falls short :): Ponies Ponies Everywhere Mlp, My Little Pony, Funny, Ponies Bronies, Loves Ponies, Random Stuff, Fandoms, Pony Aka, Then Ponies

The Mudi: The Mudi's full name is Canis Ovilis Fenyesi. It originated from Hungary where it was mainly used as a herding dog. It has a wedge-shaped head with a pointed nose and muscular jaws with a scissors bite. Its skull is convex with a well-marked

Miniature donkey foal !: Farm Animals, Cute Animal, Baby Donkey, Mini Donkey, Miniature Donkey, Baby Animals, Adorable Animal

Women's fashion | Mint floral maxi dress: Maxi Dresses, Floral Maxi, Fashion, Style, Pleated Maxi, Maxis, Maxidress, Modest Summer Dress

Bring on the stripes! Navy is the new black.

Inspiration: felted kitten by Anna Petinati. What!? I thought this was a real kitten at first. A master for sure.: Anna Petinati, Dolls, Gallery Ru, Cats Felted, Kittens, Needle Felting, Felted Kitten

It's not funny till you get it...: Giggle, Lost, Funny Pictures, 6Th Book, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Humor, Things

Yellow-rumped Cacique: Birds Bees Butterflies, Animals Birds Butterflies, Aves Birds, Beautiful Birds, Birds Butterflies Insects, Animal Birds, Birds Butterflys Insects