. . embroided clutch . .

. . embroided clutch . .

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Shawl ... Though practically, this outfit might only look this cool when communicating in semaphore at sunset

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I wish this was my life. Morgan Freeman can narrate my depressions and the muses can go for the highs

Victorian Opal Engagement Ring with Old Mine Cut Diamond Halo | Lindenwald from Trumpet & Horn | $2,650: Opal And Diamond, Wedding Ring, Cut Diamond, Opal Engagment Ring, Opal Vintage Ring, Diamond Halo, Opal Engagement Rings

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Love this exhaust.. so much I'm putting it on my Dyna rebuild.. :-) http://www.biguseof.net: Harley, Bobber Bike, Cars Motorcycles, Motorbike, Custom Motorcycles, Custom Bike, Custom Bobber

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This rude monkey that won't stop harassing this dog: | 20 Animals That Are Huge Jerks