Fandoms Fan Art: Lol, that's me

Fandoms Fan Art: Lol, that's me

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Dragonfly 7/29/12 5:30pm front yard was invaded with about 40 big blues swooping and hovering.: Dragon Flies, Nature, Dragonfly S, Animal, Dragonflies

B-52 going supersonic...that's the shit there!!! I didn't know that they could do that.: Aviation, B52, Airplanes Helicopters Aircraft, B 52 Breaking, Aircrafts Warships, Planes, B 52 Stratofortress

A waitress with a sense of humor... Reminds me of a time when we went out with friends... Something like this happened.: Giggle, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Humor, Waitress

Cutest idea!: Pregnancy Announcements, Photo Ideas, Prego Announcement, Cute Ideas, Picture Idea, Announcement Ideas, Baby Announcements, Baby Books, Kid

Haters gonna hate!

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I'm leaving this on my HOAXES board until I find some positive ID. There is tell-tale loss of detail that points to the pink color having been applied in Photoshop.: Dip, Butterflies, Beautiful Butterflys, Beautiful Insects, Butterflies Insects

Pink Flamingos Divine: Flamingo Cô, Pink Flamingos, Film Characters, Movies, Flamingos Divine

Time For A Family Photo

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