Fitness & Weight Loss Motivation - See these good suggestions to help stop sugar cravings.

Fitness & Weight Loss Motivation - See these good suggestions to help stop sugar cravings.

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Fifty years ago this month, Francis Gary Powers was shot down over the USSR in his Lockheed U-2. The legendary spy plane outlived its successor and is still flying today. To paraphrase Iceman, "We like you because you're dangerous." Amen.: Spy

Another jelsa story part 1 / Merida, Elsa, Jack Frost, Anna, Rapunzel, Hiccup / by me. Hope you like it!: Jelsa Comic Part 1, Jackfrost, Jelsa Comics Love, Hijack Jelsa Others, Jelsa Comics Part 1, Frozen Jelsa Rotg, Jelsa Fandom, Elsa And Jack Frost Comi

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Baby Monkey No. 5: Babies, Pet Monkey, Animal Kingdom, Monkey Art, Baby Monkeys, Products, Spider Monkeys, Animal Yoga

Probably The Coolest Candle Ever

Amazing White Tibetan Mastiff...I so want one of these dogs!: Animals, White Tibetan, Pets, Puppy, Tibetan Mastiff, Tibetanmastiff, Big Dogs

COVERT CLICKER......... Want to mess with those guys in the sports bars. You know the ones that like that team you hate? Well, we have the perfect device for you. Just when their team is ready to score you change the channel without anyone knowing it'

This little kitty is so cute !!!: Cats, Animals, So Cute, Pet, Funny, Kittens, Kitty, Has

You know.... This may be my new favorite engagement ring..... Wedding band could be the diamonds... Ooooo!!!: Favorite Engagement, Pearl Engagement Rings, Pearl Wedding Ring, Weddings, Pearl Wedding Band, Wedding Bands, Simple Pearl Ring

I love this budgie! So cute!: Cuteness, Animals, Birdie, Funny, Budgies Parakeet, Birds, Connect Four, Playing Connect