FREE DEMO: -- --   Use code Pinterest for addt'l 10.00 OFF Home Study Course

FREE DEMO: -- -- Use code Pinterest for addt'l 10.00 OFF Home Study Course

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Fire-tufted Barbet (pic only) A God with a great sense of humor, and a GREAT imagination created this bird. Great colour mix and the same intensity in each colour.: Colorful Birds, Barbet Birds, Creatures, Fire Tufted Barbet, Amazing Birds, Beautiful Bird

Knew most of these. But my goodness are these useful when working.: Short Cut, Microsoft Word, Lifehack, Computer Shortcut, Word Shortcuts, Keyboard Shortcuts, Shortcut Keys

When School Gets Hard, Just Remember

Miniature Schnauzer!! What pretty eyebrows & beard :) Gotta show this to my Aunt = Molly can have a beard!! Lol!!

"i can't see shit; therefore, shit exists not.": Idea, Inspiration, Girl, Art, The Xx, Photography, Cross, Eye

Outstanding Chopper Motorcycle; now here is a ride I would love to cruise on. This thing looks absolutely monstrous.: Ass Bike, Nice Bike, Custom Chopper, Cars Motorcycles, Chopper Motorcycle, Custom Motorcycles, Custom Bike, Cars Bikes

One moment in the valley the next in a field of flowers. That is how amazing God is! Don't give up Beauty is near.~Michelle Martin: Tulip Fields, God, Nature, Color, Beautiful, Flowers, Garden

Sleep well: Cats, Animals, Cat Nap, So Cute, Pets, Adorable, Things, Kittens, Kitty

talons. Golden Eagle?: Animals, Creature, Golden Eagle, Eagles, Photo, Birds

13 Ways Black Cats Make Life Amazing #refinery29 They're considered lucky in Japan. (There's even a black-cat cat cafe!): Black Cats, Cat Cafe, Crazy Cat, Blackcats, Gorgeous Cat, Kitty, Cat Lady, Ani