From (This is @melancia melancia blog)

From (This is @melancia melancia blog)

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Maybe not so institutional--of course, this is an institution--at home but I like the elements. I guess I'm turning into a crazy cat lady, but a cat play room would be awesome.: Cats, Cat Play Rooms, Cat Furniture, Crazy Cat, Cat Trees, Cat Stuff, Cat

Inception kitten…: Cats, Kitten, Animals, Self Portraits, Funny, Crazy Cat, Kitty, Cat Lady

Republic F-105 "Thunderchief" aerial refueling.: Aviation, F105 Thud, Aircraft Jets, Aircraft Nose, Aircraft Airforce, Warbird, Aeropuertos Aviones, F105 Thunderchief

Cool helmet: Belle Helmets, Bellehelmets, Phrenology Bike, Phrenology Helmet, Phrenology Chart, Products, Bike Helmets, Bicycle

Dad Joke Jackpot



And It Takes Forever To Charge

The big snooze at the end of a day! #dogs #pets #GoldenRetrievers

Friendship - The Frog & The Snail: Snails, Animals, Nature, Friendship, Frogs, Photo, Has, Naa Bolang