German Shepherd Dog: Face, Alsatian, German Shepherd, Animal

German Shepherd Dog: Face, Alsatian, German Shepherd, Animal

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I've been in this phase for a few years now and I am doing it more and more often :D: Sayings, Treat Box, Sadly Truth, Quote, Work Outs, Getting Older, So True, Umm Funny, Ive

Those eyes can see into my soul. Wow.: Adorable Animals, Pet, 19 Unusual, Puppy, 19 Dogs, Dog Breeds, Eyes

Moo. When the bovine speaks, you listen. These crew length cow socks are available in gold, raspberry, or emerald backgrounds. Fits women's shoe size 5-10.

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The amazing technology of WWII

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if I had a pool in my yard, this is what I'd have in it!!: Animals, Dogs, Sweet, Golden Retrievers, Pet, Puppy, Pools, Friend, Golden Retriever

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