Gorgeous Bouganvilla Bonsai

Gorgeous Bouganvilla Bonsai

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"If all goes according to plan, a thunderously overpowered racing machine called RP-4 will reach a straight and level speed in excess of 528.3 mph and become the world’s fastest piston-driven plane. The 22-year-old record is held by a modified World W

An iPhone case with a built-in maze!

This is another kind of opal, called the Fire Opal. It's found in Mexico and inside seems to be filled with flames or a sunset.: Gemstone, Fire Opals, Nature, Mineral, Sunsets, Rock, Stones

Labradorite-Magic from the Earth this exhibits what is known as schillerism which is the term for how the light reflects and changes on this crystal: Pretty Rock, Crystals Minerals Gemstones, Gem Stones, Gemstones Rocks Etc, Fossils Raw Gemstones, Labrad

ornate hawk-eagle (photo by art wolff): Hawks, Beautiful Birds, Eagles, Photo, Animal

I love Australian Shepherds. Have had standards and now have a mini. Wonderful dogs.: Australian Shepard, Australian Shepherd Dogs, Dogs Aussies, Animals Dogs, Puppy, Adorable, Baby, Friend, Australian Shepherds Dogs

Little cute kitten looking upward so sweetly..... click on picture to see more: Kitty Cats, Animals, Sweet, So Cute, Pet, Adorable Kitten, Kittens, Baby

Stacking Rings Set in Antiqued Sterling Silver Featuring Natural Kingman Turquoise - 3 Rustic Stacking Bands with Natural Stone: Silver Featuring, Natural Stones, Sterling Silver, Rustic Stacking, Stacking Rings, Stacking Bands