#green: Animals, Parrots, Color, Green, Beautiful Birds, Indian Ringneck

#green: Animals, Parrots, Color, Green, Beautiful Birds, Indian Ringneck

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hahahaha hysterically deceiving pics: Picture, Optical Illusions, Giggle, Camera Angles, Funny Stuff, Funny Photos, Awkward Photos, So Funny

If You're A Square You Can't Die A Circle

Fire fighter helps Mamma while her baby looks on. My heart just melted!: Cats, Animals, Humanity Restored, Heroes, Firefighters, Kittens, Mama Cat

Cave Pearls: The same calcite that forms stalactites and stalagmites sometimes forms around a grain of sand , forming these guys. Cave pearls, if you take them from the cave they will dry out and crumble to nothing.: Sands, Dry, Forms Stalactites, Gra

Livelymag.com Red (sort of), White and Blue! Feeling the Olympic Spirit #TeamUSA: Colour, Red Arrows, Fighter Aircrafts, Aircraft, Awesome Photos, Jets Airplanes, Airports Airplanes, Flying High

Youth Captain America Costume Hoodie

home from Afghanistan: Cats, Animals, Pet, Funny, Crazy Cat, Kittens, Kitties, Kitty, Cat Lady

C is for cooking.

Oh, Remember The Good Old Days?

Redneck Pacifier: Assures your child will never be abducted. Wow.: Redneck Pacifier, Pacifiers, Babies, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Humor, Kids