#green: Animals, Parrots, Color, Green, Beautiful Birds, Indian Ringneck

#green: Animals, Parrots, Color, Green, Beautiful Birds, Indian Ringneck

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life is like a butterfly, flights from flower to flower without ever thinking to the previous one, because time is running out, and life is one.: Beautiful Butterflies, Blue Butterfly, Nature, Color, Flutterby, Purple Flower

Livelymag.com Red (sort of), White and Blue! Feeling the Olympic Spirit #TeamUSA: Colour, Red Arrows, Fighter Aircrafts, Aircraft, Awesome Photos, Jets Airplanes, Airports Airplanes, Flying High

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sunburst engraved studs / house or harlow: Engraved Stud, Cute Earrings Studs, Sunburst Stud, Simple Jewelry Earrings Studs, Simple Earrings Studs, Black Stud Earrings, Earrings Jewelry, Gold Earrings Studs

Soap Rocks Emerald Gemstone Tall Crystal Mineral Formation Style

basket of gray cats! CORRECTION!!! Basket of Russian Blue kittens! PLEASE! These are NOT just ordinary grey cats but the most extraordinary cats in the world! I lived with two for more than 15 years and there is no other cat like them!: Russian Blue, Anim

Perfect for hikes!

kitten curled up asleep on a stack of books, "cat's pajamas", "101 cataclysms" & "smitten": Cats, Kitty Cat, Animals, Sweet, Cat Nap, Book, Kittens, Cat Lady

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You Weren’t Loyal But That’s None Of My Business