Grey tee, embellished mini & stacked jewellery. Easy boho glam spring style.

Grey tee, embellished mini & stacked jewellery. Easy boho glam spring style.

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The Turtle Cavalry

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I’m That Guy

Infographic that categorizes the zodiac signs by their elemental correspondence and the personalities each elemental grouping yields. Then a second Infographic comparing the zodiac signs to 3 qualities (mutable, cardinal, fixed) and the personality or q

my friends... then that's me right there. This made me laugh! The comment the girl who posted it wrote underneath it was part of the humor.: Darla Finding Nemo Disney, My Life, Funny, So True, Finding Nemo Darla, One Direction Girlfriends, Amazon

Puberty you're doing it right

This Tree is amazing ... it's lived through so many stories. We've enjoyed it for sooo long. (Texas State Cemetery): Old Trees, Beautiful Trees, Texas Cemetery, Amazing Trees, Texas State, Texas Cemetary, State Cemetery, Oak Tree

BIG HERO 6 AHHH I KNOW IT'S GONNA BE AMAZING! Check out my EPIC BIG HERO 6 Baymax cupcake tutorial too. I create an irresistible full size Baymax/Epic Baymax head with a helmet + i'm giving away a BigHero6 prize! :)

Boxers! I want one! Can you tell I have a small obsession with dogs that have smushed in faces! Haha I just love them!: Boxer Dogs, Boxer Puppies, Pet, Boxers, Boxer Face, Animal

Oh cats. This is hilarious!