heart charm bracelet - cute!! $38

heart charm bracelet - cute!! $38

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How To Go To Hell

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This cracks me up. This is how I just reacted to that chimp/dog pin.: Seals, Animals, Stuff, Funny, Things, Honkshoo Honkshoo, Baby Seal

Emerald Brooch Collar Necklace

"Among human beings, a #cat is merely a cat; among #cats, a cat is a prowling shadow in the jungle." --Karel Capek: Orange Tabby Kitten, Kitty Cat, Orange Cat, Cat Eye, Orange Tabby Cat, Crazy Cat, Kitty Kitty, Cats Kittens

Embroidered Lace Sheath Dress by Tadashi Shoji: Black Lace, Shoji Embroidered, Style, Lace Sheath Dress, Tadashi Shoji, Embroidered Lace, Sheath Dresses

You are the gem :-): Colour, Crystals, Gemstones, Colorful, Colors, Things, Rocks

This reminds me of love :) and I don't really enjoy getting flowers due to allergies...this is just so beautiful in a simple way..: Heart, Ftd Season, Tulip, Valentines Day, Floral Arrangement, Flowers, Valentine S

Mom... this is what Sneetch is doing right now... That's what you get for leaving us! :( Have fun in Tennessee!!!: Animals, Dogs, Pet, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Humor, Puppy, Things

Annoying friends - we all have one....LOL. Precious, looooove this!!!!! 12/18/12: Best Friends, Love You, Dogs And Cats, Dog Cat, Funny Animal, Beagle, Adorable Animal