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de Grisogono rings | I love the craftsmanship of these! I hate cookie cutter jewelry pieces, ugh!!!!

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Sometimes you have to help the little guy out...

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Vintage 1950s Blue Crepe Chiffon Dress: Party Dresses, Vintage 1950S Dress, Vintage Party Dress, 1950'S Dress, 1950'S Vintage Dress, Short Chiffon Dress, Vintage Blue Dress

So cute love how it looks like a bow

Atlas moth by Supervliegzus, via Flickr: Butterfly, Subtropical Forests, Atlas Beetle, Large Saturniid, Southeast Asia

Bobbi Brown Nude Glow Nude Eye Palette: Glow Nude, Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow, Hair Makeup, Eyeshadow Palette

Overnight heatless curls(taylor swift curls): 750 1 368 Pixels, Hairstyles ️ ️, 600 1 094 Pixels, Makeup, Hairstyles Grown, Beauty, Hairstyles Goals, Overnight Hair Styles, 640 1 167 Pixels

nasa: Rocket Engine, Space Shuttle, Photo