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And if it goes too fast you are forced to wait 5 minutes until you decide it's been too long and start refreshing the page so many times that it freezes, reset the internet connection, do a rain dance, then go back only to see that it hasn't moved

The Zubr-class is a class of air-cushioned landing craft of Soviet design. This class of military hovercraft is, as of 2012, the world’s largest hovercraft. It is designed to sealift landing assault units (such as marines or tanks) from equipped/non-equip

Sandstone edged pool surrounded by a bench, Thyme and Roses: Rose, Water Gardens, Garden Design, Gardens Jardines, Garden Ponds, Landscapes, Gardens Gardening

Frog Princess print from an original acrylic illustration by Irene Owens: Illustrations, Flamingo Art, Flamingos, Frogs, Animal

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Make + Model Boyfriend Shorts (Plus Size) available at #Nordstrom

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This pot with lavender has the presence and feel of a fountain! Great focal point.: Garden Ideas, Boxwood Hedge, Garden Design, Gravel Path, Outdoor, Formal Gardens, Gardening, Lavender, Landscape