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right now... inhale to be in bed to get up at the butt crack of dawn to get to class on time... but instead... im on pinterest... your move adulting... lol!: Mornings Humor, Funny Homework, Funny Mornings, Funny Stuff, Monday Work Humor, Homework Funny, H

13 Modern Day Disney looks--not a fan of how short most of the skirts are, but I like the art: Disney Drawing, Short, Modern Disney Characters, Modern Princess, Modern Disney Princess, Modern Day Princess, Disney Princesses, Modern Day Disney

Amazing Gluten-free Sandwich Bread This looks amazing, gluten-free but real sandwich bread texture. We're not gluten free but I may have to make this bread anyways!: Bread Gluten Free Recipes, Sandwich Bread Recipes, Bread Roll, Baked Sandwiches, Amaz

"I'm not that kind of woman!": Cats, Giggle, Funny Pictures, Crazy Cat, Show Me, Kitties, Kitty, Cat Lady

Still and always love this plane.: North American, Aviation, Air Force, Airplane, Aircraft

Don't tell me this isn't true as well @collinwho I don't think I could handle it.: Animals, Bears, Black Bear, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Funny Animal, Pandas

I just can't not pin this - I laugh every time!!!! This is the greatest fail to have ever fell: | 17 GIFs History Will Never Forget

(when I'm rich) I will buy myself this ring and vow always to myself be true and only marry he who can buy me a more impressive ring bahahaha!

Largest Mastiff Breed | ... dog the great dane dog by the name of george is the tallest largest: Whosepetshop Whosepet, Tallest Dog, Big Dogs Breeds, Great Dane Dogs, Animals Dogs, Biggest Dogs Breeds, Biggest Dog In The World

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