hugh grant

hugh grant

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Polished mineral spheres at this site are amazing. This one is an Amethyst from Brazil <<< What a beautiful piece... I would love to have it... <3~R~<3: Gemstones, Amethysts, Precious Stones, Crystals Gems, Polished Mineral, Mineral Sphe

Yes, I know it's just a pretty flower, but sometimes I want my whole life in this color. (It's not all going to be snarky.): Beautiful Flower, Colour, Turquoise, Colors, Tiffany Blue, Blue Flower, Aqua, Flowers, Color Palette

When my husband joined in the cab, this happened...: Giggle, Cant Stop Laughing, I M Laughing, Funny Stuff, Funny Quotes, Cab Driver, So Funny, Hilarious Can'T Stop Laughing, Funny Humor Laughing So Hard

1 phút kích mí để đôi mắt đẹp như Đặng Thu Thảo| Vietnamese Faces, Beautiful, Do, Beauty, Thuật Khuôn, Surgery, Asian

OK Then, Sorry I Asked

That's how I roll...: Quotes, Truth, Naked, Funny Stuff, Humor, Funnies, Ecards, E Cards

Marching Band Problems...We didn't yell...But by golly you better rehang it correctly!!: Band Camp, Band Colorguard, Band Gaurd, Band Stuff, Band Uniforms, Band Mom S, Band Humor, Marching Band Mom, Band Geeks

Pigeon - Frillback It's easy to see why this breed is called a Frillback; just look at its curly wing feathers.: Frillback Pigeon, 2010 National, Pigeon Fancy, Beautiful Birds, 2010 Salt, Pigeon Coops, Tally Mezzanatto, Animal

Bumblebee Jasper: Crystals, Gemstone, Bumblebee Jasper, Nature, Rocks Minerals, Art Piece, Bumble Bees, Stones

concept ships: Butcher Class Heavy Gunship by KaranaK: Conceptart Hi Tech, Class Heavy, Butcher Class, Concept Art, Concept Ship, Conceptship, Sci Fi, Scifi Spacecraft