I'm so doing this next time I get pizza!

I'm so doing this next time I get pizza!

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Bomb N Chill, I Mean Clock

And finally, have this nifty chart on hand if you need to make any speedy conversions. | 14 Charts That Will Help Lazy People Host A Dinner Party

CHEPALLE questo pulcino >:( --- cliccatemi e il divertimento è assicurato ;): Cats, Baby Chick, Friends, Sweet, So Cute, Pet, Kittens, Baby Animals, Kitty

Wow! California mom gives birth to extremely rare biracial twins!: Boy Girl Twins, Twins Babies Boy And Girl, Baby Twins Boy And Girl, Girl And Boy Twins, Mixed Baby Boy, California Mom, Mixed Baby Girl, Boy And Girl Twins, Biracial Twins

When You See It, Click for all Pictures, humor, funny, lol, lmao, jokes: Hello Sammy, Funny Pictures, When You See It, Funny Stuff, Humor, Funnies, Things, Wtf

Southern Curls & Pearls: Here comes the sun... Would never wear the bathing suit, but the hat is adorable! :): Bathing Suits

GORGEOUS! Loving the new "shift" in technique for the creation of a smokey eye. Not only is it "fresh" & noteworthy, it's a new kind of sexy...even just the black liner/shadow beneath the lower lash line is bold & beautiful!:

omg im dying: Twin, Help Me, So Tired, Skinny Jeans Boots, I Cant Even, Hahahahaha Dumb, Life Hahahaha, Honey No, Can'T Stop Laughing

I particularly like the way in which the circles merge into one another, and the relief adds aspects of light and shade to the wood.: Surface, Wood Texture, Texture, Wood Pattern, Nature Texture, Brown, Woods, Wood Grain

Please Pick Them Up