I always love classic looks. I wish I was willing to wear heels around:)

I always love classic looks. I wish I was willing to wear heels around:)

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Black Byzantine Ring With Ruby, Sapphires And Diamonds CustomMade by Patricia Riley $ 4,450

Went to Water Wings & Things at Circle B Bar Ranch (Lakeland, FL) this past Saturday. They were giving away free Lady Bugs for your garden! Got mine! :-): Ladybird, Animals, Nature, Creature, Beautiful, Ladybugs, Ladybird, Insects, Lady Bugs

who wants this gorgeous siberian husky? i know i do!

"Matilda" Bench at Horchow.: Chair, Idea, Matilda Bench, Living Room, Bedrooms, Master Bedroom, Furniture, Horchow Matilda, Bedroom Benches

Many-colored Rush Tyrant is a small bird found in South America belonging to the Tyrant Flycatcher family.: Reyes Arellano, Reflection, Beautiful Birds, Photo, Animal

Art Poster Print Childrens Wall Art Print Girl with cat por holli: Cats, Girls, Paola Zakimi, Kitten, Sweet, Art Prints, Art Poster, Art Illustration

Peacock Ore (Bornite) An excellent stone to break up blockages, tune into positive forces, enhance perception and contact the ancients, colorful iridescent CHALCOPYRITE PEACOCK ORE also helps to channel energy to others. Known as the "mystic's sto

funny clarinet memes | ... clarinet..... | .....no | You have to practice? | #: Band Clarinet Funny, Marching Band Funny Clarinets, Band Geek, Band Nerd, Bandkidproblems, Band Meme, Band Humor Flute

This bikini is so tropical & bright: Bikinis Swimwear, Floral Bikini, Bikinis Summer, Bikiniss 3, Topshop Digital, Peonies, String Bikinis

This is an ingenious idea! This was my first year of planting bulbs and I definitely would have benefited from implementing this strategy.