I always love classic looks. I wish I was willing to wear heels around:)

I always love classic looks. I wish I was willing to wear heels around:)

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Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster (W198): Benz 300Sl Roadster W198, Mercedesbenz, 300Slroadster W198, Mercedes Benz 300Slroadster, Mercedes Benz 300Sl Roadster, 300Sl W198, Cars, 300 Sl, Classic

Went to Water Wings & Things at Circle B Bar Ranch (Lakeland, FL) this past Saturday. They were giving away free Lady Bugs for your garden! Got mine! :-): Ladybird, Animals, Nature, Creature, Beautiful, Ladybugs, Ladybird, Insects, Lady Bugs

Cat people live longer too. and you guys thought i was just a premature crazy cat lady.: Cats, Healing Power, Catpurrs, Cat Purrs, Pet, Crazy Cat, Health, Cat Lady, Animal

Flute problems: Flute Music, Gold Lips, Marching Band, Band Geek, Flutes, Play, Bandgeek, Flute Problem, Band Meme

Woah: Work, Funy Quotes, Funny Pictures, General Humour, Blue Green, Repins Reposts, Repost Stuff, Random Rap, Chat Board

Crystals Stones: MBSC #Crystals ~ Using Blue Crystals.: 1 175 1 618 Pixels, Spirituality Crystals Stones, Blue Crystals, Crystals Rocks Stones Etc, Crystals Gemstones, Crystals Gems Rocks, Jewels Gems Stones Crystals, Crystals Stones Healing

Large-Flowered Rose 'Osiria' | Roses from Spalding Bulb. Tihs would be so beautiful in our garden!: Beautiful Flower, White Rose, Osiria Rose, Tea Rose, Flowers Rose, Flowers Garden, Pretty Flower, Beautiful Rose, Favorite Flower

I think this is my hair color. If not, I'm sending it to my stylist to make sure. Love the tones.: Warm Blonde, Blonde Color, Blond Hair Color, Haircolor, Summer Color, Hair Style, Fall Blonde Hair Color, Blonde Hair Cut

When a Libra is depressed or in a bad mood, they can become very distant and hard to reach.: Libra Baby, Zodiac, Libra Truth, Pounds, Libra That S, Libra ️, So True, Libra S, Libra Quotes

Recieved this photo on Mother's Day from a friend. Fell in love with it. If only more humans would take lessons from animals on "child rearing." This was a storm in Florida (?) and no nest-maybe they're fledglings, but mom was making sure