I <3 baseball players: High School, Mylife

I <3 baseball players: High School, Mylife

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In 2009 the Veritas RS III Roadster super sports car won the "Best Super Car 2009" award in London. Strictly limited hand production of only 30 vehicles. More About Us: http://krigarealestate.com: Sports Cars, Rsiii

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Jahzara is a jaglion who was (unexpectedtly) born of a lion mother and jaguar father. She was discovered on April 9, 2006, at the Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary with a brother, Tsunami, who has more of an appearance of a lion with spots -- click for photos

Butterfly bush - lovely scent, plant close to porch or outdoor seating so you can be entertained by all the beautiful butterfies.: Beautiful Butterflies, Butterfly Bush, Flutterby, Garden, Purple Flower

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U.S. Air Force C17: Aviation, Airforce, Military Aircraft, Air Force, Airplane, Aircraft

This makes me giggle like a little boy everytime

Dogs who just cannot even handle it right now.: Laughing So Hard, Giggle, Cant Handle, So Funny, Animal

Davis Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ. The Boneyard, is a four square mile site with over 4,000 retired aircraft.: Airplane Graveyard, Google Earth, Pattern, Aircraft Graveyard, Arizona, Airplane Boneyard, Graveyards, Planes